Saturday, October 2, 2010

A totally rad endorsement from an 80s icon!

I want my AppTV

OK, this is a trip, so I have to share. As someone that grew up in the 80s and can remember the early days of MTV, I was surprised to receive an email today from non other than former vee-jay Adam Curry.

Apparently, Adam has moved from the small screen to the very small screen, and hosts a daily review program for iPhone/iPod touch apps. It's called Adam Curry's Big App Show, and Adam was writing to tell me that today he reviewed My Writing Nook. Whoa. Wha'choo talkin' bout, Willis?

I grabbed the Big App Show app from the App Store (it's free) and, well, there was Adam superimposed on my app.

Adam could have done his homework before reviewing the app, because he gets a few things wrong (the app does NOT sync with Google Docs - it syncs with the web app at and he can't figure out how to rearrange documents in the doc list (by using document groups), but overall he gives it a pretty good review.

I can't complain too much. I mean, my app just got reviewed by an MTV vee-jay. That's just totally rad, y'know? I feel like such a rock star. I think I'll go destroy a hotel room or something. Hasta la vista, baby.


  1. that's pretty cool! I definitely remember him. I miss cool Veejays :) And another good review is awesome :)

  2. I would love it if it would sync to a more central place like google docs or even drop box. Love the app, hate dead end streets. Thanks!