Friday, September 18, 2009

Coming Soon

Many of you have asked me about using My Writing Nook on an iPhone. I built the app primarily for use on laptops and netbooks, and paid careful attention to maximizing the use of screen space on smaller screens.

While the iPhone has a full-featured browser, using it with MWN is a less than optimal experience. You've got to zoom in to see what you're doing, and it's just a bit clunky. I never intended for My Writing Nook to be used from an iPhone.

Until now.

I'd like to announce that My Writing Nook will soon be available as an app on the iPhone.

I'm very excited about this - the iPhone app synchs seamlessly with the web app, so that you can always have the latest versions of your documents with you. If you find yourself with a few minutes of down time, you can whip out your iPhone and write for a spell. If an idea strikes, you can jot it down quickly and synch everything up so that when you get back to your computer, your ideas are there.

It will be perfect for NaNoWriMo. You'll be able to add to your daily word counts from anywhere - standing at line, at the doctor's office, at the park.

I'm aiming to have My Writing Nook in the App Store in early October. Watch for updates here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just logged in to check the site stats and wow! We got a big boost in traffic today. Over 300 visitors in the last 2.5 hours or so.

It looks like the app was reviewed favorably on Mashable in an article about novel writing. It's very satisfying to see that others are enjoying the application and are finding it useful.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Release = New Feature

I released a new version of My Writing Nook last night that contains a handy new feature - cross-document word counts.

Previously, you would see the word count only for the document currently being edited. Now, you can select to include multiple documents in a Total Word Count, which will appear right next to the current document's word count. This should be very useful for writers (like me) who use a separate document for each chapter of a manuscript. Now I can see both the word count for the chapter I'm working on, and for the manuscript as a whole.

I hope that you find this new feature useful. Enjoy!