Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why I created My Writing Nook

A friend just sent me this picture, which she took outside Grand Central Terminal in New York City. I think it is a perfect example of exactly why I created My Writing Nook.

The unfortunate author's phone number has been photoshopped out. I hope that he or she got their manuscript back.

Don't let this happen to you! Write your novel with My Writing Nook!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Release - My Writing Nook iPhone App - Features Galore!

I'm happy to announce that the 1.7.0 release of My Writing Nook for the iPhone is available in the App Store. For those of you who have already purchased the app, it's a free upgrade, and it is jam-packed with new features! My Writing Nook continues to be the best app for writing a novel on an iPhone.

So what's new? Oh, let me count the ways...

1. Password Protection.
There's now an optional password protection feature that can be enabled on the Settings page. Protect your work until you're ready to share it with the world.

2. Change Font/Font size.
You can now select your preferred font and font size for writing on the Settings page.

3. Single tap to change Document Groups.
On the My Documents page, the document group buttons are larger for easier tapping. Also, you no longer need to be in Edit mode to change a document's group. Just tap on the document group button for the desired document and the selection page will appear.

4. Larger dictionary and thesaurus buttons on the Word Lookup page for easier tapping.

5. Link to the MWN help page on the Settings page. If you have run into a problem or have a question, tap this link to jump right to the MWN help.

There's also a link that will allow you to rate the app in the App Store. If you enjoy the app and can spare a few moments, please tap this link and write up a quick review. It's much appreciated!

I hope everyone enjoys these new features.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Writing on the iPad with My Writing Nook

For the past few years, I've been on a quest. A quest to find the perfect set of writing tools. I've been down many paths during this quest, had several close calls, had my hopes raised up only to have them come crashing down to Earth. At times I've thought that perhaps finding the Holy Grail would be easier.

OK, I'm being a bit melodramatic here, but my point is, I've been looking for the perfect set of writing tools for a long time now. I'm happy to say that I have finally discovered them.

I think that the iPad is the ideal writing device. Especially when paired with an app like My Writing Nook for iPad. I'm not just tooting my own horn here - I am honestly excited about how well the app and the iPad fit into my writing life. I feel like I've finally discovered the perfect set of tools for writing a novel or working on a writing project.

Here's my current novel writing set up:
- an iPad with WiFi and 16GB of memory.
- Apple bluetooth keyboard.
- Apple iPad case.

Right now, I'm writing this post on my iPad. I've got My Writing Nook open, and I'm happily typing away on my bluetooth keyboard. For short notes, the on-screen keyboard is fine, but for serious writing sessions the bluetooth keyboard is invaluable. I've got Apple's iPad case, which allows you to prop up the pad at a slight angle, or stand it up like a picture frame.

So why does the iPad succeed where so many other devices have failed?

It's portable. I can put it in my small messenger bag with plenty of room to spare. The bluetooth keyboard is equally slim and portable.

It's fast. The iPad is instantly on with the press of a button. There's no waiting around for the computer to wake or boot up. The interface is responsive and snappy.

The battery life rocks. This was one of my biggest problems with netbooks. While some of the newer netbooks have much better batteries, the average netbook battery only lasts 3 hours or so. The iPad battery will last the entire day.

It's quiet. There's no fan noise, and the device never gets warm. No lap burns here.

The bluetooth keyboard is awesome. It's full-size, and yet still very light and portable. I have yet to find a netbook keyboard that I liked. I love my Apple bluetooth keyboard.

The software is great. Obviously I'm a little biased, but My Writing Nook for iPad has exceeded even my expectations. Every time I launch the app it makes me smile. The iPad is the device that this software was meant for.

In summary, I'm totally thrilled with my new novel writing toolset - the iPad, a bluetooth keyboard, and My Writing Nook for iPad. It's a writer's (well, at least it's *this* writer's) dream come true. And with that said, I'm going back to writing my novel.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Feature for iPad - password-protect your writing!

I'd like to announce an update to the My Writing Nook for iPad app. You now have the ability to password-protect the app. With the tight deadlines in the days before the launch I didn't have time to include this feature, and I'm happy that I've since had the time to build it in. Kudos also go to Apple for a lightning-fast approval process.

This feature is optional - you don't have to enable it. However, if you want that extra layer of protection for your writing, My Writing Nook has you covered.

For you iPhone writers out there - the next task on my plate is to add a password-protection feature to the iPhone version of My Writing Nook. Look for that in the next week or two.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Writing Nook for iPad

I'm very excited to announce that My Writing Nook for iPad is now available for sale in the iTunes App Store. I've said before that I feel that the iPad will be the perfect device for writing your novel on, and I also believe that My Writing Nook for iPad is the perfect app for writing simply anywhere on your iPad.

Now that the iPad's arrival is imminent, and Apple has removed the veil of secrecy, I can present you with some screenshots from the app. Or you can check out My Writing Nook for iPad in the iTunes App Store.

As you can see, My Writing Nook for iPad is a complete rewrite of the iPhone app - taking advantage of the iPad's form-factor and greater processing power. It's lightning-fast, and even easier to use than before. All the common actions are just a tap away, allowing you to maintain your flow while writing. No distractions here.

You can now customize the writing font and font-size, and you'll love the built-in spell-checker.

As always, synching with the My Writing Nook web app is a breeze - just tap the synch button and you'll always have the latest version of your novel.

Coming Soon

Due to the tight deadlines around the iPad release, we weren't able to squeeze in all the features that we wanted, but there will be a new release coming very soon (in the next week or so). This release will contain one of the most-requested features - a way to password-protect the app. So be sure to look for that in the next few days.

Until then, enjoy My Writing Nook for iPad.