Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just logged in to check the site stats and wow! We got a big boost in traffic today. Over 300 visitors in the last 2.5 hours or so.

It looks like the app was reviewed favorably on Mashable in an article about novel writing. It's very satisfying to see that others are enjoying the application and are finding it useful.


  1. I am one of your new followers*, and already I have a question.

    Background: I usually write to Open Office. As an experiment, I copied a WIP from OO into MWN, and it worked just fine. (Thank you)

    Later, I decided to save the revised document to my computer, and it seemed that all I could save it to was Notepad. I did that, then printed the story out. It came out double-spaced and with some short lines, although the original document was single-spaced with word wrap.

    Finally. The question. Is there any way for me to save the MWN document to Open Office, rather than to Notepad? That would presumably give me more control over the format.

    I suppose that my computer illiteracy is the problem here, but I really would appreciate any help you could give me.

    *I found you at Twitter. @redroom has been tweeting you.

  2. When you download the file to your local computer, it is initially saved as a plain text file (.txt extension). Double-clicking on the file will launch notepad (or TextEdit on a Mac).

    However, you should be able to launch OOo or any other word processing application and then choose to open the file. Once you have it open in OOo, you can save it as any format you'd like.

    If you can't get that working, try to email the document to yourself and cut/paste from the email into OOo.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy the app!

  3. Thank you. I'll give that a try. I'm looking forward to working on my stories at Starbucks. ;>)

  4. Hi Peter - couldn't find a place to leave feedback, so just adding it here. I noticed, at least in Firefox, that Control-T in your page toggles the side-bar on and off. Problem is, most browsers nowadays use Control-T to open a new tab, so this really threw me for a loop. Any chance you could use a different hotkey?

  5. Hmm... good point. I'd overlooked that because on my Mac there isn't a conflict - it's Command-T to create a new tab.

    Perhaps I should change it to something else, like Ctrl-B, for sideBar. Or maybe Ctrl-G for ToGGle sidebar? Both have conflicts (since FF seems to have hogged ALL the hotkeys), but I think that Ctrl-B might be more benign, since most people probably don't want to toggle the bookmark sidebar all that often.

    I will think about this for a bit and likely make this change in the next few days.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Jason - I've thought about it a bit and determined that Ctrl-I is a better hotkey for toggling the sidebar. It ties in well to the icon on the button used for toggling, and doesn't conflict with any major browser hotkey.

    I will be deploying the change early tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out for it. Thanks again for the feedback.