Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Release Last Night

I released a new version of My Writing Nook last night. Nothing Earth-shattering - mainly just a bit of code cleanup and adding some defenses that will prevent you, dear user, from wandering off into dangerous territory.

Previously, if you attempted to email or download a document that hadn't been saved yet, you would get an unhelpful error message. Now you get a helpful message that asks you to save your document before performing one of those actions.

I also cleaned up the Javascript code a little bit, to make it more maintainable.

I also added some links to the homepage - a Twitter link that will allow you to share the application with your followers on Twitter, and a link to this here blog.

I'm intentionally adding only "essential" features to the app, so that things remain uncluttered and you can focus on your writing. However, if there's an essential feature that you feel I've missed, please feel free to send me a feature suggestion.

Happy writing!

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