Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eating My Own Dogfood

As I've stated on the My Writing Nook homepage, I created this application to scratch a personal itch. I wanted a single writing environment that I could access from home, work, and whereever I might find myself. I wanted my workspace to be uncluttered and easy to use. I couldn't find anything on the web like it, so I built a tool to meet my own needs. I figured that if I liked it, others might as well, and so I've made it generally available to anyone who might want to use it.

Because I built the application for myself, I am the target user. I'm also currently the most active user of the application. The phrase "eat your own dogfood" means that a producer should use their own products, to get a sense of how well they're meeting a customer's needs. In the case of My Writing Nook, I'm definitely eating my own dogfood. I use the app every single day.

As a result, all the other users of the application benefit from this, because I have a low tolerance for crappy software. The application must perform to my high standards, and since it's in my own best interests that it does, you can bet that I'll ensure that it does. If I find something that doesn't work quite right, I fix it as soon as possible. If some task seems a bit clunky, I do my best to streamline things.

I want things to work 100% of the time, and I want the app to be as simple as possible but no simpler.

These goals are selfish, but they also happen to benefit every other user of My Writing Nook. It's a win-win situation.

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