Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Writing Spot is the best writing app for the Kindle Fire

You're used to reading novels on your Kindle - now you can write novels on your Kindle Fire! I'm pleased to announce that My Writing Spot is available for the amazing Kindle Fire device from Amazon.

Continuing on our quest to allow you to Write Simply Anywhere, we're excited to be on the Kindle Fire. Now you can write your novel whenever the muse strikes, and can sync your writing to the web app, or any of the other My Writing Spot mobile apps. Your writing is with you wherever you go.

For more information, you can check out the product page for My Writing Spot at Amazon.


  1. This is great news since I've been using your app for Nano and I might buy the Fire, but what if you already purchased the app through the Android Marketplace? I know you can't currently sync a Google account with the Fire and it uses the separate Amazon marketplace for apps. Will you have to buy it again?

  2. @Captain: You shouldn't have to. The app connects to Google in the same way Amazon's email app does. It shouldn't be a problem for you. You may in fact be able to side-load the Google Market app into the Fire the same way you can the B&N Nook app.

    @Peter: How is typing on a Fire?

    I gave up on NaNo (whose brilliant idea was to do it in the same month as Thanksgiving? Not an American, I suppose) but I still love your app and I do not regret purchasing it. It's the best text editor I've seen on Android. Just a nice app all around.

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  4. I just installed this app, but need to know how to use it. Can't find info anywhere on how to make different documents different colors, how to find word count, how to name the file, etc. Where can I find this info? Kind of defeats purpose of app if I can't figure out how to use it on my Kindle Fire.

  5. Truly decent app.I was searching for an app like this that would permit me to work offline on my kindle.A large portion of my day is spent far from a WiFi connection.I can write amid the day and sync up at night and get the majority of my work on my home computer.It works simply like advertised.Tech support was extraordinary!I experienced difficulty syncing,however tech support worked with me until I inspired it to work.The issue wasn't with the app it was with me!It works just fine.Thank you.
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