Saturday, May 29, 2010

New version of My Writing Nook for iPad now available

I'm happy to announce that a new update of My Writing Nook for iPad is now available in the App Store. I'm really excited about this update, since I've added some helpful and fun new features. My Writing Nook continues to be the best app for writing on the iPad.

Always-visible word count - previously the word count was not visible when the on-screen keyboard was showing. Now you can see how prolific you are at any time.

TextExpander touch integration - boost your productivity with TextExpander touch snippets. You'll need to have the TextExpander touch app to take advantage of this feature, but it's well worth your while if your writing lends itself to using repeatable blocks (for example - this would be great for screenplays).

Finally a bit of fun. I've added something called Dark and Stormy Night mode. This changes the color scheme for the app to be black with white text. Get your stealth on and become a plot ninja!

I hope that you enjoy the new features. As always, this is a free upgrade for those that already own My Writing Nook for iPad.


  1. Is their any change we wil,l be seeing "Dark and stormy night" mode in the iPhone and Web version of MWN?

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  3. Fantastic update! Thanks for being committed.