Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is what the App Store feels like these days

Perhaps I am being a tad facetious, but this is what the App Store feels like these days. I think it's high time Apple added a new "Adult" category and forced all the 17+ rated apps into it.

But hey - as you can see, the My Writing Nook iPhone app managed to break into the top 100 paid apps in the Lifestyle category. I'm enjoying a nice boost from all the happy NaNoWriMo participants.


  1. Just spotted your site today and I love it! Thank you for providing the "nook" it really free....will you be expecting my firstborn in payment, or failing that a mangled overworked kidney? You're a little old genius-boy! Now I just have to find 50,000 words...

  2. The web app is completely free and will remain free. The iPhone app is $1.99, which helps me recoup the cost of the Apple developer program and buys me dinner every now and again. :)